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About Norton West
Norton West artisan home remodeler
Artisan Quality Remodeling by Norton West and Co
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I can fix almost any electro-mechanical device. It is part of finding alternative and inventive uses for old, out-of-fashion, "broken" objects. I cannot bear to throw anything out that can be reused, recycled or find a new use for. Now, we call it being "Green", "re-purposing" or “Sustainable.” For me, this process is an engineering challenge. I took mechanical and electrical engineering at Va. Tech for three years, and then completed my studies in Business Administration. Since then I have owned and restored eight old New England homes, plus done the same type of work for other home owners as my business since 1989.

I learned many of my skills by watching my father fix things at home and on our old wooden cabin cruiser. As a result, I learned to do home, auto and marine wiring, carpentry and plumbing.

When I moved to Maine in the 1970’s, I took a two months course for cabinetry at Maine School of Cabinetry put on by Thos. Moser.

 I started Norton West and Co. in January 1989. My first job was a cedar shingling job on a three story cottage style house in Portland, ME. It was very cold that winter in February 1990!  I specialize in kitchen and bath design-build projects. I studied engineering in college, including mechanical drafting, electrical and mechanical engineering.
In 1992, I worked at Home Quarters Warehouse in the millwork department and as a kitchen - bath designer using the CAD computer design program for design work and customer plans. After learning  cabinetry and marine construction, painting and repairs, changed my perspective on home repairs. I tend to build home projects as if they are a boat that must float and standup to the rigors of ocean stresses and storms.

My work is artisan quality; that is, I take the same pride in my work as a sculpture or craftsman would have during the Renaissance Period when the Craft Guilds were dominant. In 2008, as part of an effort to continue to learn new skills, I passed the exams for two certifications in the energy area: Home Energy Auditor and Solar thermal installer which were sponsored by the Maine Housing Authority. In late 2010, I restarted full-time work in the remodeling and repair business under my original name as Norton West and Co, which I started in Portland Maine in 1989.