custom bathroom ceramic tile and design by Norton West and Co

Local Affiliates
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Indisco of Scarborough Maine
Kitchen-bath designers with a showroom. Indisco chooses its manufacturers carefully to ensure quality and reliability are the least of our customers concern.  We offer a broad range of styles, from traditional to contemporary to suit a similar range of budgets. We work with Indisco to provide a tight collaboration amongst us, space design and delivery. Ask for David Robinson

Rufus Deering
Portland Me. One of the best home town suppliers who also have their own kitchen and bath design center. This is a great source for the highest quality lumber and materials. Chris Jameson is the Kitchen Consultant.

Local Specialty Trades
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Indisco Inc Kitchen-bath David Robinson (207) 883-5562
Rufus Deering Lumber Kitchen-bath Chris Jameson (207) 772-6505
Mr. Sparky Electric Electrician Shawn LaPlante (207) 771-8888
Lotfey Electric Electrician John Lotfey (207) 773-3400
Maietta Titus Blaschke Plumbing and Heating Plumbing
Heating HVAC
Peter Maietta (207) 797-2685
Goggin Energy Goggin Energy
infrared ~

Calen Perkins 207 772-7557
Monroe Infrared Infrared energy inspections Sales (800) 221-0163
Portland Gas Fitting Rinnai heaters Bob Locke (207) 332-3876
John Ross Heating Heating system specialty John Ross (207) 829-4248

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