Peace-of-Mind Home Maintenance Savings Plans
This is your best service value. Save up to 50 percent off my regular visit rates. You get a monthly visit by a dedicated repair person. These are formatted as "Subscription Maintenance Plans" for repair savings on your home maintenance. Monthly visits for a prepaid annual subscription.  Check lists for repairs and preventive maintenance are customized for your needs.
How do we make our home operating systems humming and lasting? Now our company has created monthly subscription plans for home repairs on a schedule. Just as this concept saves you money on your car based on a mileage schedule, this saves you money on your home maintenance and additionally, assures that you improve your home's resale value. For most people their home is their biggest asset. Isn't it worth organizing repairs and maintenance to sustain you worry-free home environment? See Slideshow

"Peace-of-Mind" Services

We call them "Peace-of-Mind" Services since services are all pre-arranged with you in accordance with the age and condition of your home, major appliances, equipment and your budget.
  • Monthly Visits by your dedicated repair person
  • Repair needs discovered this month are completed next month.
  • Preventive maintenance per scheduled checklist
  • Only service with FREE supply trips!
  • Supervision of skilled trades subcontractors (pre-screened)
  • Sourcing and purchasing of repair materials
  • Preferred pricing of repair materials (10% off)
  • Preferred pricing on Quotes for remodeling work
  • Prior approval for estimates and quotes
  • Customized repair-maintenance checklist per your needs
  • Add-on services will be priced for purchase separately. First hour of labor monthly is included in plan
  • Extra time on visits at preferred hourly rate ..more details

The replacement cost of appliances is a major and often unnecessary expense when appliance failure is a consequence of the lack of regular maintenance. Often this is as simple as vacuuming the dust out of a computer or refrigerator condenser coils.  We can help. See these replacements costs on this graph:
Appliance Replacement costs - click to enlargeclick to enlarge

What is the cost of doing nothing?  That is, if you just wait until something breaks down? Our slideshow here compares how we maintain our autos with the same for our homes. Both are systems of an electrical-mechanical nature.  Our home is often our largest lifetime investment yet, I suggest that most of us are in the habit of caring for our autos better than our homes. This PDF link here is about commercial property maintenance and the cost of ignoring maintenance; however, it applies as well to home properties.
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Sample contract:
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Sample Check List:
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