Terms and Conditions
If you have any questions regarding our products or website, please contact us via any of  the following methods:

Payment Methods:
We accept cash, checks, online payments with any credit card or debit card. We use Intuit / QuickBooks for taking payments. Your invoice will have a Link. You do NOT have to setup an Intuit account to pay online. Just follow the link. Terms are clearly written on estimates and quotes for your approval with convenient Intuit Online payments with any credit card or bank debit.

Normal Payment Terms of Sale:
Repair work: Due upon Completion or the day completed.

Special Ordered materials or products: We pass-on our suppliers terms which are often prepaid on these made to order products.  Use the Payment Page to make these payments please.

Remodeling projects often involve deposits and progress payments:  Some repairs also require ordering special order. For this go to the Payments page and enter the amount and reference the invoice or job. It is simple.

Packaged Services:
These are offered as a prepaid service for which you get the benefit of lower pricing and ongoing reliable repairs services. See details about our Loyalty Card Program and Home Maintenance Plan.
What is in our Estimates:
Our philosophy is to provide a fair and comprehensive quote for the entire job. This is not common practice for quotes. It is especially true when you see install prices at the mega stores. For example, they advertise flooring "from $ 1.89/square foot." That is NOT a comprehensive install price! (Add flooring pad, moving furniture and artwork, trim, baseboard, floor surface preparations, care to keep your home clean during the project, supply trips, etc.)

We make every effort to cover all aspects of the job in our quote. We work to meet our own high standards, so you get the best long-term value. That value is often recognized in a better resale price for your property.

We do not want to come back to you with any surprises during or after the job. If we have sub-contractors, we supervise them, plus we only collaborate with the best local craftsmen. You will have one person to oversee the project and only the best skilled tradesmen on site. So, if it appears to be higher than other quotes, let's go over it and compare apples to apples before you leap.

Thanks for your consideration, Norton West.

Financing your project:
We do not offer financing; however, we do have some resources to recommend for your here.